Practice Builder +

Practice Builder +â„¢ is an integrated marketing program, delivered by professionals who act as your marketing department and drive PRACTICE GROWTH for








Other Personal Health Professionals


Practice Builder +™ is built on 3 strategic digital marketing pillars that drive practice growth, informed by research on how today’s (and tomorrow’s) consumers find and choose their personal health professionals.

GET FOUND    next    ENGAGE    next   DELIGHT

Why the “+”?   We live in an increasingly digital world but digital marketing cannot stand alone.  To maximize practice growth, strategy based and well executed digital marketing must be integrated with best in class processes for patient care, communication and advocacy.

Get Found


It is imperative that you have a strong on-line presence in order to grow your practice.  More patients now find their personal health professionals on-line than by any other means including friends and family referrals (which is still very important – we’ll get to that below).


Practice Builder +â„¢ Strategy & Tactics:

We start with research.  We then build a strategy and plan to serve your objectives based on your specific geographic market and target patient profiles

Get found on Google & Social Media – yes, there is a lot to this (SEO and all that) but the core program elements are building and maintaining a strong Google presence including great execution of a smart keyword strategy across your digital footprint, and optimized use of prominent paid ads when appropriate.



Once you have been found, the next hurdle is how to get prospective new patients to engage with you – request more information, book an appointment or consultation – most importantly, identify themselves to you.


Practice Builder +â„¢ Strategy & Tactics:

First impressions and first opportunities to begin engagement are very important.        We may have the patient land on a custom designed page or on your home page but will absolutely ensure that all details are thought through to make it a very positive and compelling experience that encourages engagement

Key program elements include design and implementation of compelling incentives or calls to action to drive engagement

We also produce powerful content including photography `and blogs designed for your target patient and building of your brand.



An investment in digital marketing can be squandered without well thought out, authentic, and disciplined patient lifecycle, care and communication processes.  With both pieces in place, the opportunity for practice growth is exciting.  Delighted patients stay and want to advocate for you, posting reviews and making referrals…but like anything in life and business you only get results if you actively manage this important aspect of your practice.


Practice Builder +â„¢ Strategy & Tactics:

Our Patient For Life™ program includes a review of your current patient engagement, consultation, care, feedback, and on-going communication programs and processes.  We then work with you to implement best practices across the board.

Advocacy Marketing – we design, implement and manage a customized patient advocacy program that will ensure long term practice growth.  This is a critical capability and growth enabler for any practice or business in today’s on-line world.

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