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Do business with high integrity marketing professionals, from world class brands, dedicated to building your practice

Learned from the best in the world & bringing it to our clients

Evantage leaders Sondeep Sharma and Kevin McCuaig learned their marketing craft and rose through the ranks at Canadian and world leading companies including Apple, Telus, ATI Technologies (huge Canadian success story) and Sonos.

Sondeep was a technical marketing leader at ATI and Telus, leading website and software development.  He founded Evantage 15 years ago and has worked with clients including the Canadian Olympic Committee, AT&T and FIFA.

Kevin helped build Apple’s business in Canada, built and led ATI’s North American retail and e-commerce business, and was Country Manager for Sonos, a critically acclaimed marketer.

Our Mission – to help Personal Health Professionals achieve their objectives with complete honesty & integrity

Our mission is to help Personal Health Professionals achieve their practice growth objectives.  Our entire approach and all of our client relationships are based on honesty and integrity.  Life is too short to do it any other way, and it’s the only way to optimize results and client value.

Work smart, hard & focus on results!

We push ourselves to work very smart (start with strategy and always serve it) and we work hard everyday with a laser focus on driving results and value for our clients.  That’s what our clients pay us to do and it’s the only way we grow – a complete alignment of interests!

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